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THE PATRICIAN is The Victoria Flying Club's monthly newsletter. Here you'll find out about the latest Club Activities, Events, Stories and Information.

Members, instructors and friends also submit their own original and often remarkable stories, advice and opinions about general aviation flying that are informative and well-written.  You can't help but come back every month for another 20 minute read!
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September 2014
August 2014
July 2014
June 2014
What's better than being on the West Coast in the summer? Being a pilot on the West Coast in the summer! So many great events and opportunities in the weeks ahead! Find out about all of them in this month's issue of The Patrician, including the first ever VFC Summer Flight Camp. You're going to wish you were a kid again! Also, more big news from the BC Airport Challenge, which now includes an online interactive map, thanks to VFC member Doug Neal. Put your feet up, have a read, and then get planning for an awesome summer of flight!
May 2014
News from COPA Flight 6, the Vancouver Island Chapter of Women in Aviation, the 99s, the Webster Memorial Trophy, and lots more! Great updates from the BC Airport Challenge, information on the upcoming Open House and Show n' Shine, and the latest updates from VFC all in one place. Thanks for reading!
April 2014
We've never had such a news-filled newsletter! Do NOT miss out on this month's issue of The Patrician. Seaplane Day coming up on April 27, a full report on the launch of the Vancouver Island Chapter of Women in Aviation, and your chance at a once in a lifetime flight experience!
March 2014
This month's newsletter brings with it an invitation to celebrate International Women's Day on March 8 with the Victoria Flying Club, and the brand new Vancouver Island chapter of Women in Aviation. Also, don't miss an update on all the fabulous prizes available as part of VFC's BC Airport Challenge. All this, and our regular features as well. Happy flying everyone!
February 2014
In this month's issue of The Patrician, we are talking about the importance of mentoring in aviation. VFC Vice President Ramona Reynolds has written an incredible article about some incredible pilots. You will not want to miss it. Also, check out some important safety tips in CADORS Corner, get the 2014 Fly-Out Schedule, and enjoy a sneak peak at our new website.
January 2014
Happy New Year from the Victoria Flying Club! This month marks the start of the BC Airport Challenge AND a nation-wide Olympic Challenge being presented by VFC to other flight schools, airports, and corporations. Also this month, don't miss the 2013 Photo of the Month winner and the recipient of a $100 VFC Gift Certificate. And... it's that time of year again. Wings and Taxes! The Wings Banquet is on February 1st. Ticket details on page 2. And you'll find the 2013 Income Tax Procedure Forms at the back of the newsletter. Looking forward to a great year of flying and fun with all of our members!
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