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The Victoria Flying Club offers five kinds of memberships.

1. Social Membership. $75 per year

If you are someone who loves aviation and wants to be a part of the flying community, this is the membership opportunity for you! With a Social Membership, you are invited to rent the VFC's facilities, attend Club functions or just hang around sharing stories with other aviation enthusiasts. Become a Social Member and meet VFC Pilots.

2. Flying Membership. $125 per year. 

This membership offers the same privileges as a Social Membership but the member may also rent VFC aircraft, park an airplane with us or buy fuel. The Flying member is entitled to an Annual Check Ride after one year. There is no charge for the instructor for the Annual Ride. Spend two hours with an instructor covering the more challenging upper air work and you've just paid for your membership. It's a great deal. 

3. Sustaining (Voting) Membership. $145 per year.

One may apply to become a Sustaining Member after being a Flying member in good standing for not less than 24 consecutive months. Applications for Sustaining Membership must be endorsed by two other Sustaining Members and approved by the Board of Directors. Privileges include those of the Flying membership but also include a 15% discount on rentals and most services as well as 15 cents per litre off avgas. Sustaining Members may also VOTE at the Annual General Meeting and are eligible to stand for Election on the VFC Board of Directors.

4. Temporary Memberships. $50 for 3 months.

Valid for three months and offers all the benefits of a flying membership. Temporary Memberships are often used by people who wish to rent our aircraft while visting from out of our local area. You still need to take a "Check Ride" with one of our Flight Instructors in order to rent our aircraft.

5. Life Membership. $1250

Life Members shall be persons admitted by the Board of Directors who have held a Sustaining or Flying membership in good standing for a period of not less than twenty four (24) consecutive months, and who have paid the entrance fee fixed by the Board which shall be not less than ten times the annual Sustaining Member's dues. Application from Flying members for Life membership must be sponsored in writing by two Sustaining or Life members in good standing. Each Life member shall be entitled to one vote at each meeting of the Corporation, a 15% discount on rentals, and enjoy all Club privileges.

 Questions? Visit our Contact Us page or call us at (250) 656-2833.