Commercial Pilot Licence

The Commercial Pilot Licence is the minimum licence required to be employed as a pilot. To hold this licence a person must have reached 18 years of age and hold a Category 1 medical certificate. The minimum training requirements are 65 hours of flight training and 80 hours of ground school. One must also have a minimum of 200 hours total time including not less than 100 hours pilot-in-command of which 20 hours must be cross-country time. The table below includes the build-up hours students will have to accumulate over and above their PPL and compulsory CPL training, to reach the 200-hour minimum. 

Estimated training cost:

35 hours dual @ $205


30 hours solo @ $137 (Block rate)


15 hours ground briefing


80 hours ground school and texts


Medical, Exams & Licensing fees


80 hours build-up time @$137 (Block rate)


Total cost excluding taxes    $24,545

 *All flights are subject to a fuel surcharge.*

By packaging your program, we can provide the training required to attain the licences and ratings that form the foundation for the ATPL. We will work with you to deliver the most cost effective training package in the least amount of time. The following example illustrates the estimated cost of acquiring a Commercial Pilot Licence and Multi-IFR* rating working on all three at the same time. This example assumes the student starts with a Private Pilot Licence and 15 hours pilot-in-command (55 hours total time) and that the student can achieve the required standards in the times listed.  For more information about Multi-IFR training, please contact the Victoria Flying Club at 250-656-2833.

Estimated training cost
Night Endorsement


Multi-Engine Endorsement


20 hrs simulator @ $130 dual


20 hrs in Seminole @ $352 dual


10 hrs ground briefing @ $58


5 hrs dual prep for CPL flight test


35 hrs solo @ $137 Block rate)


80 hours ground school


IFR seminars


Books and enrollment


62 hrs build-up time @ $137 (Block rate to reach 50 hrs cross-country PIC) *


Medical, Exams & Licencing fees


Total excluding tax:


*All flights are subject to a fuel surcharge.*

*Block time available to licenced pilots for time-building or recreational flights.*