Fly-Out to Port Townsend, WA

May 21, 2016 | Community | Fly-Out | Social
  • 8:30am

From our COPA friends:

"True to our 2016 pledge, we are going to be making several fly-outs south of the border this year. The first is scheduled for Sat May 21st:  just a short hop across Juan de Fuca Straight to Port Townsend (0S9) which is both a convenient US port of entry and also the host of what is a very nice aviation museum. If you haven’t flown GA across the border yet this is the PERFECT opportunity to give it a try. If you have an up to date passport, there is really no excuse not to join us on this one!

"We are going to make a day of it: meet at the VFC at 0830 to check the weather, review customs procedures etc. We’ll plan for a 10am arrival at 0S9 and to spend a couple of hours at the museum; perhaps even have lunch afterwards(?) Then we’ll review the procedure for returning back to Canada & arrive sometime back at CYYJ in the early afternoon.  

"Interested in flying this exciting trip?  Interested in being a passenger?  Send an email to coordinate.

"It’s time to expand your horizons from the usual “North" & “East" Canadian destinations you have been flying over and over! "