FormFest 2015

June 13, 2015 | Community | Ground School | Social
  • #101 - 1852 Canso Rd.
    Sidney, BC
  • (all day)

On Saturday June 7, 2014 twelve  VFC members got the chance to participate in the inaugural FormFest.  The lucky partipants experienced a Nanchang groundschool class, an introduction to formation flying, and an actual formation flight in one of three Nanchangs.  

It was without a doubt a high-light of the year for all the particpants... a once in a lifetime experience.

The amazing group of Nanchang pilots and owners have agreed to join VFC in hosting FormFest 2015 and we couldn’t be more excited!  

Here’s what you need to know...

FormFest 2015 will take place on Saturday, June 13, 2015
(Rain-Date: June 20 2014).

Participation  Requirements:

 1. You must be a flying member, sustaining member, or life member of the Victoria Flying Club.  

2. You must enter the draw.

Get your entry form from VFC Dispatch – one entry per member please.  Entry closes at Noon on Saturday, May 23, 2015.  Draw date will be Saturday, May 23, 2015.  We will notify the winners on or before May 24 2015.            

This once in a lifetime experience includes the following:

*  Nanchang Ground School
*  Introduction to Formation Flying Ground School
*  BBQ Lunch
*  Flight in Nanchang Demonstrating Form Take-Off
*  Fly a Nanchang in Fighting Wing  Formation
*  Maneuvering Demonstration
*  Sierra Hotel Arrival
*  Your Photo in the Plane