Landing a Job in Aviation

December 5, 2015 | Ground School
  • #101 - 1852 Canso Rd.
    Sidney, BC
  • 9:00am - 3:00pm

Planning Your Route From Student to Commercial Airline Pilot.

I’ve got my Commercial Licence.  Now what?
Which compainies hire low-time pilots?
What are employers looking for?
How do I make sure my resume gets noticed?
How do I prep for my first interview?
What is really like to work as a pilot in Canada?

If these are the questions you’re asking, UPFRONT AVIATION has the answers.  Former VFC student and instructor Jeff Lightheart brings his experience in Canadian 703, 704, and 705 operations to a full day seminar that will give you the tools and infromation you need to get your career off the ground.  To add your name to the list for the first seminar, or for more information, you can email Jeff directly at  Also, you'll want to follow UPFRONT AVIATION on Facebook!