Flight Safety

The Victoria Flying Club is committed to maintaining a high level of safety in all its operations.  One of the most important aspect of safety are pilots who are current.  VFC members are responsible for maintaining their own 24-Month Recency as specified in Canadian Aviation Regulations 421.05.


VFC 2019 Member Rules and Currency Provisions

2018 Flight Crew Recency Requirements

VFC Checkride Member Information Package

VFC Checkride Steps

VFC Checkride Checklist

VFC Cessna 172SP Checkride Exam

Canadian Aviation Regulation Recency Requirements


A Recreational Pilot permit requires a Category 4 medical which must be renewed every five years.

A Private Pilot licence requires a Category 3 medical which must be renewed every 5 years (or every two years if you are over 40).

A Commercial Pilot licence reuires a Category 1 medical which must be renewed annually (or every 6 months if your are over 40).

A complete list of Transport Canada authorized Aviation Medical Examiners may be found here.

Use this list of qualified Aviation Medical Examiners who can perform Transport Canada medical examinations in our local area.

International Students should enquire with us before training.