Ground School Schedule

The PPL Ground School is on a continuous rotating schedule, with classes held in the main VFC classroom on Monday and Wednesday evenings from 19:00-22:00.  The material is taught by our team of qualified VFC instructors, and they do a great job of making the material understandable, engaging, and fun!

You don't have to start at the beginning and can jump in at the start of a new topic. If you miss a class, you can catch up on it the next time around.  If there's a section of material that needs some reinforcement or review, as long as you are a VFC member and did your initial Ground School at VFC, you are welcome to sit in on any class a second or third time.

Also, you don't have to complete Ground School before your flight training starts.  In fact, most students have found that flight training concurrently with Ground School helps reinforce the classroom concepts.

Winter 2017 PPL Ground School:

Jan 2 Canadian Aviation Regulations & Licencing I Brett
Jan 4 Canadian Aviation Regulations & Licencing II Brett
Jan 9 Aerodynamics & Theory of Flight Iain
Jan 11 Airframes & Engines Dave
Jan 16 Systems & Flight Instruments Dave
Jan 18 Human Factors & Pilot Decision Making Brett
Jan 23 Meteorology I Sean
Jan 25 Meteorology II Sean
Jan 30 Meteorology III Sean
Feb 1 Meteorology IV Sean
Feb 6 Meteorology V Sean
Feb 8 Meteorology VI Sean
Feb 13 NO CLASS - Family Day N/A
Feb 15 Flight Operations I Jessica
Feb 20 Flight Operations II Jessica
Feb 22 Radio & Electronic Theory Jessica
Feb 27 Navigation I Brady
Mar 1 Navigation II Brady
Mar 6 Navigation III Brady
Mar 8 ATC Brett
Mar 13 Review Brett


CPL Classes

CPL Ground School occurs several times a year, and we are currently adding people to our waitlist for the next session.  Please contact the VFC office at 250-656-2833 to be added to the list for the next class or to sign up for individual classes.