Career Pilot Training

At the Victoria Flying Club, we've taught thousands to learn to fly. Since 1946 we have been training professional pilots who are employed with regional, domestic, and international carriers. We understand the needs of students who want to become professional pilots.  Students want the best training available and want it in a cost-effective package.  Noone training today for any profession has time or money to waste. 

With these parameters in mind, we have set up a program so that students wishing to do their Commercial Pilot Licence, Multi Engine, and Instrument Rating can combine all three programs and finish in considerably less time with a significant cost reduction.  All of the requirements can be met for all three programs simultaneously.  Many students have begun their pilot careers after finishing these programs, or have gone on to complete their ATPL

This example cost breakdown below assumes the student starts with a Private Pilot Licence and 15 hours pilot-in-command (55 hours total time), and that the student can achieve the required standards in the times listed.  The cost breakdown will vary depending on the student and the flight experience they have at the start of the program.  For more information, please contact the Victoria Flying Club at 250-656-2833.


**Prices subject to change without notice.**

Estimated training cost
Night Endorsement


Multi-Engine Endorsement


20 hrs simulator @ $145 dual


20 hrs in Seminole @ $380 dual


10 hrs ground briefing @ $68


5 hrs dual prep for CPL flight test


35 hrs solo @ $151


80 hours ground school (see packages here)


IFR seminars* (depending on your package)


Books and enrollment


62 hrs build-up time @ $150 (Need to reach 50 hrs cross-country PIC) *


Medical, Exams & Licencing fees


Total excluding tax:


*All flights are subject to a fuel surcharge.*

*Block time available to licenced pilots for time-building or recreational flights.*


If you are planning on a career in aviation, the Victoria Flying Club will help you get started. Follow the links on the left to learn more, or fill in application right away and send it to us to get started right away!