VFC Rental Rates

Aircraft rates include fuel and oil, but exclude fuel surcharge.

Prices do not include tax.

Aircraft Hourly Rental Rates

  • Cessna 172–$147.00
  • Redbird FMX Simulator–$130.00
  • Cessna 172 Seaplane -- $278.00 Dual
  • Piper Seminole -- $355.00 Dual

Instructor Rates

  • Class I Instruction–$63.00
  • Flight Instructor–$58.00

Aircraft Block Rental Rates

All our aircraft are available for rental at block rates with a deposit of $500.00.

Block rates are as follows:

  • Cessna 172–$137.00

Quiet Hour and Statutory Holiday Discount Pricing

Quiet hour discount pricing has now been extended to 9:30 a.m.

Monday to Friday 
$10/hr rental discount, or
0.2 simulator time credit per hour of flight (approximate value $20)

Saturday and Sunday 
$15/hr rental discount, or
0.3 simulator time credit per hour of flight (approximate value $30)