Visa Requirements

A very comprehensive and straightforward set of guidelines are available for the international student at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website. Exploring this site will provide all the details you need to know about visiting and studying in Canada.

Another very good source of information is from the Air Transport Association of Canada. The Victoria Flying Club is a member of this organization.

Some of the key points are

Download the Victoria Flying Club Application form.

Upon receipt of your student pilot permit and your letter of acceptance from a Canadian Flying School, the next step for taking your training in Canada is to obtain a student authorization from the department of Citizenship and Immigration.

To apply for an authorization you must have:

  • a valid passport
  • a letter of acceptance from an educational institution. This must be the original, not a photocopy. It should specify in detail the courses you are taking, confirm that you have been accepted as a student, and indicate the estimated length of study. Keep this letter after your application to show to immigration officials when you arrive in Canada.
  • sufficient funds to cover tuition, living expenses, and medical insurance. You must be able to prove you can support yourself and your dependants before a student authorization may be issued. A letter from your bank in your country, a bank draft of a letter from your source of funding, will show immigration officials that you can afford to pay your expenses and, if necessary, the expenses of your spouse and dependants, while you are in Canada. These expenses include estimated training costs, food, clothing, shelter, books, transportation, medical insurance, entertainment, personal or family needs and return trips home.

In addition to the above you must:

  • complete an application form
  • pay a processing fee and possibly complete an immigration medical